A new fabrication occurred on Friday afternoon in my studio. There was a convergence of materials resulting in a simple statement. The elements include...
     1. A Plow
     2. A lithographic stone used to print at some time in the past a magazine 
         titled...."The Nations' Health".
     3. Little people. Cast plastic HO scale figures.
     4. (2) - Clear Plastic Push Pins.
     5. (2) - Tea bags.

My memory of one of Shakespeare's Sonnets includes an association of the the word plow or plowing to the act of sexual intercourse. The popular expletive I choose to delete beginning with "F" is more than implied here.


Here are the little peopled being "plowed" as a result of a concerted effort to do so. Many of them are caught between this rock and a hard place. Some are even "laid to rust" from contact with the plow.

A further detail, I may be toying with you with this fabrication but  those who have been elected to uphold the Constitution and provide for the general welfare of the country are not. They have decided to abdicate their responsibilities to the little people and place the country in peril. Very puerile of them don't you think?

There is no doubt in my mind those who are responsible for pushing this agenda. They are represented by two ordinary objects hanging from plow handles. 

My suggestion would be for them to be placed in hot water for a good long time. Trouble is brewing for them methinks.



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