Long Walk Short Planck

Ergo an ego made a (shoemaker’s) last stand. Augmented by the careful application of one interpretation of our genetic code, the condition we face is no longer on the surface but rather beyond the colliding cosmological constructions (M38 & M39) to be specific. Movement along the narrow nearly invisible path is guided but not guaranteed.

By attempting to get a grip, we discover unseen forces coming into play. A Gaussian explanation seems appropriate I would guess. A one kilogram mass of an object labelled “Acedia”, spherical and heavy as Pb rebounds to the hopespring of the eternal, exerting a gentle tug upon G=(6.67*10 ^ -11 Nm^2/Kg^2).

Panoramically smiling through it all, the infernal internal ego finds itself contemplating the shortest meaningful measurable distance (1.6 * 10^ -35 m) a delightful and very short plank(Planck) indeed. Please insert laughter here _________________ if you are walking with a cane and able to do so.

A small measure of a man (some % of Ca, C, Sr, K, and Unattainium) is on display, the soul purpose of which is to suspend our collective disbelief by an actual string. This device may only serve to string you along but I refuse to offer any sort of theory other than this casual self-referential repetitiously redundant reference. We must acknowledge and face the inevitable and grave situation. Please carefully examine all possible attachments to this reality for it may be suggestive of the simple fact that it is a frayed knot. Being impressionable, I have chosen to put some teeth into this one albeit transparent. The unknown ray is mysteriously supported by amenable magnetism.

It is far more likely recognition of Éclairage will be a byproduct of your careful examination rather than your own personal enlightenment. As the low carbon steel does a slow burn, we are reminded that at the base of it one must be laid to rust.” Sacre Bleu!”, he said in a garbled way for his tongue was firmly in his cheek.  A LED briefly blinks to make me think, “Am I being led?”  Oh, isn’t he just too clever for words. Methinksnot, snort. Being and Buji, there must be more intuit than that. A pleasant trip I trust.


Ilya du Gaz

J. Jenkins Arts © 2012

Panoramically smiling through it all...

A small measure of a man...

M38 & M39 Galaxies collide. Star dust formation. A digital print of the collision is found on the sole of the shoemakers last.

Buji, Acedia, Hope Spring & LED



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