I have been thinking recently that we are all spheres of energy. In essence  vibrational patterns, or ripples radiating outward from our center creating a field that is "read" by others as our fields bump together. Sometimes the interacting fields align harmonically and sometimes not. The drawing/collage is a sort of translation of that notion from an aerial panoramic vantage-point.

Not all is harmonious and tranquil within our individual spherical containment fields but some of what we encounter can be, that certainly is encouraging. 

The surface of our "field" is favorably affected by the application of Meditation, Music and Silence. May you find some of each of these things today.

Some things are "stitched" together creating lines of communication perhaps.



carol mills
01/01/2013 5:13pm

Do our individual containment fields then shift some of the disharmonious energy out of the sphere when encountering and then accepting other tranquil fields. (in your paradigm)

08/02/2016 1:58am


08/04/2016 1:16am

In this article writer is talking abour maps which play very important role to develop our understandings about location of any place on world. But here you can read a very unique topic " spheres of influence" which is something related to maps and globe.

08/18/2016 7:32pm

Silence indeed is a form of music of it's own. It gives a vibration of tranquility. With all the noise we encounter every waking hour, everyone needs a dose of silence once in a while.

It is sometimes very difficult to get to where we are supposed to go even with clear directions. Sometimes we need to close our eyes and indulge in silence so next time we open it, we see clearly the things we don't normally see.

11/23/2016 5:37am

What a great piece of art! I am so impressed right now! Good job.


Putting pieces of the map in a one frame is a brilliant idea! I can see that everyone will look at this frame will definitely impressed. I think you should do this art more often. You got a talent, and let the world see it. Thank you for sharing and I hope I can see more of these in your blog.

12/24/2016 7:08pm

As humans, we are all meant to be interconnected with each other. One of my main mottos in life is that no man is an island. We are all made to be friends and to relate to each other. We cannot just live on a separate and isolated world we created. We do not have to be hermits who refuse to be caressed by the sun, but instead we have to be ants which knows every single aspect of brotherhood.


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