The inner madman is held securely this morning but the day is young.

Called a madman by some, an inveterate prankster by others and an enigma by those who have no pigeonhole for him, Jenkins is possibly one of the few, the proud, the terminally misunderstood. He is without a doubt a fabricator of hyper-anachronistic allegory. At times his devices roll, balance, ring, flash and calculate but for the most part they tempt the viewer to reconsider previous notions about art and art objects.

In his home studio/laboratory this quiet unassuming individual examines the complex issues of life, death, war, spirituality, language, and science. He is fond of producing objects with dangerous edges and associations in order to demonstrate the inherent unity of the seemingly disparate issues. His methodical examinations attempt to visually connect diverse images and philosophies into a coherent and unified plexus.

Traditional methods and craftsmanship underlie not only his fabrications but also his life. His knowledge of blacksmithing and of the important philosophical issues of the day has created an artist known among his closest friends as the 'Blacksmith with the Gentle Hammer'. This biography carefully weaves the intricate pattern of this relatively unknown artist in 1954 to the 'Rockstar of Art' he was destined to become.

The strange synthesis of dark humor and delightful material relationships push the reader to find a new ground of sorts. As soon as one believes they have seen there all is to see Jenkins sneaks in one more "rabbitpunpunch" to knock you down the slippery slope. The richness of not only the visual material but of the copious notes of Jenkins' œuvre has made the compilation of this biography a pleasure for the writer. The reader will also delight in the careful examination of this remarkable man.

From Jenkins' early life outstanding in the fields of middle America to his stunning and thought provoking debut at MOMA, Levergneux weaves a complex and compelling narrative 'cloth' of this consummate bald-faced liar.

  "Be Suspicious of Anything Unusual" is a riveting romp through the curious mind and life of an indirect descendant of the Greek god Hephaestos, the celestial blacksmith and artificer. Destined to become one of the more obscure, misunderstood, and neglected biographies of the "New Millenium", "Mefiez-vous de tout ce qui sort de l'ordinaire" exposes, dissects, and illuminates an extraordinary figure of this ridiculous age.